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About Premier Off Campus Textbooks

Premier Off Campus Textbooks is an independently owned and operated textbook store located in Cupertino, CA, across the street from DeAnza Community College. We specialize in buying and selling new and used textbooks for college and the local private high schools. We have been in the textbook industry for a number of years and know what it takes to meet the demands of our customers and provide the best service possible.


Other Noteworthy Facts:

  • Conveniently located across the street from DeAnza College campus.
  • Our store hours are established to best accommodate our customer needs.
  • We have a large selection of used books which means substantial savings to our customers.
  • You can expect the best prices when you sell books back to Premier Off Campus Textbooks.
    We pay cash for your used textbooks.
  • We take pride in our customer service and are always willing to provide assistance to meet our customer’s needs.
Premier Off Campus Textbooks
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